Platform to drive, optimize and analyze you publications on social networks

Multipost on social networks
Relay them with your Ambassadors
Analyze your employer brand merge analytics
Increase your job offers visibility

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Visualize your brand's audience and traffic

With our services, you can draft your messages and plan their publication on your networks. Publish your news then inform your networks to increase their visibility.

We build reports to let you better know your traffic and audience on Internet. It will let you better identify your target for your expenses in marketing and advertising.

Save time and increase your company's presence on the web

By grouping all your social profiles in a single page, you create links and cross references between them.
Connect all your profiles to improve your company's presence on social media.

Grow your publications audience with your ambassadors communities.

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Some figures

Global audiences
Analyzed posts
Analyzed profiles
Published job offers
on social networks
12 %
26 %
15 %
32 %
10 %

Why it works ?

of recruiters have successfully
hired a candidate through
a social network or social media.
source : Huffington Post / Jobvite
of job seekers found their
current position
through Facebook.
source : JobVite

of the pooled consult
the social networks of aimed
company ... if they exist.

source : Apollo from PotentialPark

Simple and free, create your account and publish on your social networks in a few clicks. Visualize the audience and traffic generated by your brand and profiles.

Grow your publications audience with your ambassadors communities.

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